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Café Culture
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19 January 2015café politique

Young, Gifted and Excluded:
Are young people citizens?

Prof Janice McLaughlin, Newcastle University discusses ongoing work with young people exploring what they think citizenship means, whether they consider themselves to be citizens, what may get in the way of their opportunities to be citizens and the impact this has on our society.

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2 February 2015café politique

Digital Civics:
Can technology empower local citizens?

Prof Patrick Olivier, CultureLab, Newcastle University, will outline a vision of how a combination of digital technologies and design thinking can be used to fundamentally reorient the relationship between those who govern and those who are governed. He will also consider how new digitally enabled grassroots models of local services will in the future provide ‘better’ rather than ‘less’ government.

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16 February 2015café philosophique

Challenging our Taboos: Talking about death

“Like as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, so do our minutes hasten to their end” Shakespeare did not hesitate in reminding us of our mortality. Simon Woods, Newcastle University, an applied social and ethical philosopher, will host a lively, interactive café inviting you to discuss your own questions, concerns and interests around death. Be prepared to talk, listen and to respect others opinions. A word of warning, a café for adults but not for the recently bereaved or those seeking grief counselling.

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2 March 2015café politique

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:
Stories of seeking asylum

Dr Fiona Cuthill, Edinburgh University, considers the ways that people seeking asylum in the UK can either survive and thrive, or end up living in destitution. The UK has a proud history of supporting human rights but cracks remain... and questions need to be asked.
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16 March 2015café scientifique

Beyond Turkey Twizzlers:
Making sure food at school is worth eating

School dinners had a major shake-up with Jamie Oliver's intervention in 2005. The first school food standards since 1980 followed. Has anything changed? What are the implications of free school meals for all 4-7yrs olds. What about packed lunches? Prof Ashley Adamson, Newcastle University, will explore the evidence and discuss what our children are eating at school and beyond.

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20 April 2015café scientifique

Dangerous Drugs and Deadly Devices

Prof Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford,  reveals the secrets behind the claims of drugs and devices designed to improve health and wellbeing. He will discuss hoow the evidence is generated.

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18 May 2015café politique

Grim or Great Up North? The 2015 General Election
- how will the result affect you?

What will the outcome of the 2015 General Election mean for the North East of England? Join Richard Moss, Political Editor, BBC North East & Cumbria, in conversation with IPPR’s Chief Economist, Tony Dolphin, and Katie Schmuecker, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, who will discuss what effect the results could have on both the region’s economy and poverty levels.

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1 June 2015café scientifique

A Mid-Riff Crisis? Averting comfortable lifestyle crises

Prof Rod Bilton, author of Know What to Eat will discuss how the evolution of the human metabolism and brain development has been driven by climate change and intermittent starvation. He will argue that this has led to the current obesity and diabetes epidemics and he will explain what eating healthily means. 

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15 June 2015café culturel

Through the Looking Glass:
New perspectives on art and culture

Susanne Burns, an independent cultural sector adviser, will draw on her work with UK and North East arts and cultural organisations to ask how they can change to survive in the current climate. She will articulate her view on emerging business models that support sustainability. 

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6 July 2015café scientifique

Equal Measures: Can women do science?

A sociological perspective on why gender inequality in science persists. Drawing on the history and philosophy of science, Dr Paul Whybrow, Newcastle University, considers the past, present and future of women in science. Now that girls are beginning to outperform boys in science results will the future of science be very different?

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20 July 2015café philosophique

Getting a Good Sleep in a Big Bad World

Prof Jason Ellis, Northumbria University, discusses the causes, consequences and catastrophes that lead to poor sleep. How history has associated personal characteristics with sleep disorders and how these myths have been perpetuated over the years (using Disney as an example). Finally, how simple things can affect great change and promote good sleep health.